Mobile Pet Grooming for Dogs and Cats in Foothill Ranch Ca

People are asking …

► “Where can I find a Pet Groomer Near Me”? 

► “Is there a Pet Groomer near Foothill Ranch? 

► “Who is the best pet groomer in Foothill Ranch?

► “Is there a dog groomer near me in Foothill Ranch?

► “Is there a cat groomer near me in Foothill Ranch?

The Answer is ... Monsieur Groomer !!

We offer a specialized mobile service that provides grooming services for dogs and cats throughout Foothill Ranch……  We are as nearby as your phone! 

We visit pet owners in Foothill Ranch on a regular basis and are extremely proud of the many customers and happy pets we can call our friends here. 

Our Mobile Pet Grooming Units

Our state of the art pet grooming vehicle is a self contained, immaculately maintained unit that is equipped to please the most discriminating pet owner. Our units are completely self-contained using our own power and water supplies. 

Why Monsieur Groomer’s Mobile Service?

  • We’re Convenient
  • Home or Office Visits
  • We’re Prompt 
  • Our Mobile Units are Immaculate
  • We’re Environmentally Friendly
  • We’re Experienced Professionals
  • We love our customers

Foothill Ranch Pet Mobile Grooming Services

  • Puppy Bathing
  • Dog Bathing
  • Dog Nail Trimming
  • Dog Haircutting
  • Dog Ear Cleaning
  • Kitty Bathing
  • Cat Bathing 
  • Cat Nail Trimming
  • Cat Ear Cleaning
  • Cat Haircutting 
  • Cat Hair Brush Outs
  • Cat Hair Dematting
  • Pet Deshedding Treatments
  • Pet Deodorizing Treatments
  • Pet Shampoos
  • Pet Flea & Tick Shampoos


Rarely. but on occasion I may need to use an outlet or get a water refill 

Usually about an hour.

Yes you can stay inside of the van when we are grooming your pet

Yes of course! We have our natural organic shampoo that we use but if your dog or cat has a preference, feel free to  let us know.

 No that is strictly a Vet procedure.

We use fresh water that we refill everyday

We never use crates or cages in our practice

Cat pet parents need to be home, but dog pet parents do not

Yes we have appointments every day of the week

We love our senior pets! They are always welcome with us

Monsieur Groomer treats each of your prized family members with love and respect that they deserve.

We take our time give each one my undivided attention and treat each pet as an individual, with individual needs.

Pets can be anxious about visits with a groomer, so it is our goal to create a calming environment.

We take the time to get to know your dog or cat and how he or she best handles the grooming visit.

This allows them to relax and we are able to develop a trusting relationship…well beyond our 1st grooming session!

We look forward to making your next grooming appointment as wonderful of an experience as so many of our customers have shared with us !